St. George's

The Dragon Cafe

Serve meals between 8:30 and 9:30 am every Sunday morning.


At St. George’s, with a mission statement that compels us to serve a hungry world, we are inspired by the words that Jesus spoke to his disciples as they wondered aloud to him about how he would feed the multitudes : “You give them something to eat.”

What it's all about

The guest list for the Dragon Café includes anyone who is hungry. In the past the Dragon Café was mostly a ministry of food and fellowship serving disaster relief workers and volunteers. Presently the Café serves a population that primarily suffers from mental illness and substance abuse as well as the homeless and the working poor. On average we serve about 90 meals between 8:30 and 9:30 am every Sunday morning.

The Dragon Café is completely funded by private donations like yours. Grants are rare. Besides oversight from the rector, the Dragon Café is 100% volunteer (about 1/3 of our regular church membership) – there are no paid staff members. Many of our consumables are provided by food and supply drives at area churches and schools.

In the years that the Café has been in operation, St. George’s, located in the Uptown neighborhood of New Orleans, has never received a complaint from neighborhood residents. Rather, St. George’s is known as the church that feeds people on Sunday mornings, many of whom begin to line up outside the church by 7:30 am every Sunday.

To volunteer or donate to work at the Café contact Chip Duncan.

The Dragon Cafe

" ...give them something to eat "
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