Acolytes at Easter ServiceAcolytes have their roots in the ancient Church and, today, remain  an indispensable part of our worship services.  They assist the Celebrant in setting the Communion Table; they receive the offerings; they aid the priest who reads the Gospel; they ignite the candles before the services; they lead the liturgical processions with the crosses, torches and banners;  and, they assist at Communion time.  The list goes on.  In short, they are a critical element of each and every service.  While this is a wonderful way for a young person to enter upon a lifetime of service to their religious community, it is equally meaningful to those adults who wish to engage more actively in the Celebration of the Eucharist.

Contact: Birgit Haylock


Altar Guild

Members of this ministry care for the altar and prepare and decoration  of the worship space for all services.  They are responsible for setting up  all Sunday services, special services, baptisms, weddings, and funerals.  We care for the Sanctuary, as well as furnish and care for the linens,  vestments and communion vessels.

 Duties include cleaning and preparing the communion vessels, vesting  the Altar, laundering and ironing the linens, polishing the brass and  silver, laying out of vestments, filling candles. We set up and clear the  communion vessels for Sunday worship.  All members help with  decorating the church for the Christmas and Easter celebrations. 

Contact: Jerry Howard


St. George's Healing MinistryThis ministry invokes the healing power of the Holy Spirit.  After Communion, a worshiper stands with the Anointing Minister in prayer.  The minister asks God to use him/her as a conduit of grace and healing.  It is a an example of how we as a community take care of each other and the power of prayer.  Ministers are stationed at the rear of the altar platform on the 2nd and 4th Sundays.  Anyone can be anointed regardless if they have received communion. 

Contact: Allen Blow


St George's ChoirA choir of dedicated adults, this Choir consists of approximately 14 voices of various levels of expertise. Rehearsing weekly and singing for the 10:30 am service, the Adult Choir also sings for festival services and offers a wide variety of other special events through the church year. Although there is no audition to join this group, the ability to read music is encouraged and helpful.  Visit the our Music Page to learn more.

Contact: Donna Clavijo


St. George's Eucharistic MinistryPlay an important role in the liturgy by assisting the celebrant at communion.  They distribute the Holy Eucharist and administer the chalice to communicants. 

Contact: Bart Reilly


St. George's Lay ReadersThis ministry just doesn't read the text in the Bible, they ignite the word of God and send it into the hearts of the congregation every Sunday.  They prepare us for the Gospel of our Lord and ultimately the receiving of the Holy Eucharist.  Lay readers are trained to read the Old and New Testament Lessons and lead the congregation in saying the Psalms. They serve on a rotating basis. 

Contact: Amy Reggio


Welcoming CommitteeTaking care of our community within St. George's and reaching out to our neighbors is the mission of this committee.  We organize activities in conjunction with the committee of Parish Life and seek opportunities to extend the warmth, openness and acceptance that defines the members of our parish. 

Contact: Beth Burvant