St. George's

Meet the Rector


The Very Rev'd Richard B. Easterling

The Very Reverend Richard B. Easterling was ordained to the Sacred Order of Priests in the summer of 2003 at St. Augustine's Episcopal Church in Metairie, Louisiana. There he served as a curate for two years under the leadership of the Rev. Ralph M. Byrd.

After Hurricane Katrina, Father Easterling continued to serve St. Augustine's in an interim capacity until the successful call of their new rector in the following spring. Earlier in 2006, he also began working as the Chaplain of Trinity Episcopal School on Jackson Avenue. At Trinity, he served as Instructor of Religion to both the lower and middle schools, offered pastoral care to students and parents, alike, and chaired the Department of Pastoral Care and Counseling for seven years. While serving as Chaplain during the school week, he also supplied sacerdotal oversight to several congregations in the Greater New Orleans area.

Father Easterling served as Interim Priest-in-Charge for St. Luke's Parish for three years and assisted them in their call of a new rector in 2010.

For much of 2011, he served as Interim Rector for Christ Church in Slidell, Louisiana.

The Vestry of St. George's called Father Easterling to be the parish's Rector in the autumn of 2013 after serving as their Priest-in-charge since the beginning of that year. He was installed by the Bishop the following Epiphanytide.

Father Easterling earned his Masters of Divinity from Seabury-Western Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois. He is an alumnus of L.S.U. where he majored in German with a minor in the history of the Tudor-Stuart monarchy. His hobbies include cooking, playing piano, and fiddling around with web design and various technological gadgets. Father Easterling lives in the Rectory on the St. George's grounds with David Wohlgemuth, his husband, and their standard poodle, Bear.
In 2015, Father Easterling was appointed rural dean of the Uptown churches.
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