Stewardship then, is about how we use all of our gifts from God ~ our time, our talent and our financial resources.

Stewardship Formation 2015

 In a recent sermon from the Gospel of John (6:51-58), we explored the enigmatic words of Jesus on what has become the basis for our Eucharistic theology of today. Jesus repeated the phrase "…eat my flesh and drink my blood" six times in response to a skeptical and dissenting audience. The writers of this particular Gospel were grappling with the meaning of these same statements just as we press our faith every day to accept their conclusion.

 This stewardship season, we will be asking the congregation to put Jesus' words into action. Under the guidance of The National Church we are being asked to remount our thinking from that of a ephemeral once a year campaign to a new process of long term stewardship formation. Spearheaded by parishioner, Joey Clavijo, our goal will be to fully engage every member of St. George's. Our prayer will be for the Holy Spirit to enter our hearts, thereby creating a culture of gratitude and generosity, leading us to become a high commitment church where stewardship is essential to discipleship.

 On Sunday, September 20th, we will roll out our Stewardship Formation to the parish. We are very excited about the opportunities this year to come closer together as a member of Christ's church through thoughtful action.

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