God is real, able, good, generous and present.

 It is a pleasure to welcome you to St. George’s website. We are an exciting, diverse community that reflects a myriad of populations in New Orleans. Members and staff hail from Uptown, the Garden District, the French Quarter, The Marigny, The West Bank, Metairie and the North Shore. They are drawn to St. George’s because of the energy created when a diverse community gathers together in unity and common prayer – for one another, for New Orleans and for the world.

 As a community of folks who have survived hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, members of St. George’s know what it’s like to be without a home and are committed to outreach and to our city’s recovery. In house, St. George’s hosts the Dragon Café, a program feeding the hungry in our area, serving free breakfast every Sunday morning. St. George’s is also home to weekly Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and is home to the oldest and longest running Narcotics Anonymous meeting in the city.

We celebrate Holy Eucharist (Holy Communion) every Sunday and while we can’t seem to nail our call in Christ Jesus down to one central tenet (pun intended), at St. George’s we believe that God is real, able, good, and generous. We also believe that God is present, and that presence, offered each week in Holy Communion, makes us one body, one spirit in Christ, and compels us to worthily serve the world in God’s name.

Last but not least, St. George’s, like our city, is a place of laughter, nourishment and celebration. Whether during regular worship, at our feeding ministry or at one of our many yearly social gatherings, our hope at St. George’s is that “No one leaves hungry,” for God, for community or for hope.

We invite you to explore our website, to join us for Sunday worship and to know that at George’s -


~The People of St. George's Church