Children's Chapel

Ages 3 years to 2nd Grade

Our Children's Chapel begins at 10:30 AM downstairs in Sunday School Room #1 located downstairs adjacent to the parish hall. Teachers are available to receive children at 10:15 AM.  Class is taught by parent volunteers and Christian Education Interns.  They teach the Gospel selection of the week using the text books, "Sermons 4 Kids" and "Weaving God's Promises".   "Read Aloud Bible Stories", a beautifully illustrated book with all the familiar bible stories such as Zaccheus, Johan, Noah is utilized as well.  Lessons are reinforced with hands on activities that children create in class and take home to re-tell the story.  This room remains open during Sunday Treats for children to complete their activities and clean up. 

3rd Grade to 6th Grade

The older class lesson is from the Gospel each week. With lively group discussions, art and activities to reinforce the teachings children will be invited to encounter God in themselves and in each other. We encourage our children to take an active part in their Chapel time by reading the Gospel, learning appropriate responses, and taking up the offering. It is our goal that as these children age and begin to participate in the regular church service that they will arrive with a better understanding of our customs, our responses, and our liturgy.

EYC ~ Teen Ministry

Our new Teen Room is finally finished (pictures to follow soon).  Teens will meet after service every Sunday for scheduled activities.